Icecast2 Status

AdministrationServer StatusVersion

Mount Point /live

Stream Title: WWFM The Classical Network
Stream Description: WWFM The Classical Network
Content Type: audio/aacp
Mount started: 04/May/2018:20:48:33 -0500
Bitrate: 128
Current Listeners: 39
Peak Listeners: 94
Stream Genre: classical
Stream URL:
Current Song:

Mount Point /live-mp3

Stream Title: /live-mp3
Stream Description: WNBH
Content Type: audio/mpeg
Mount started: 07/Apr/2018:03:12:12 -0500
Bitrate: 128
Current Listeners: 6
Peak Listeners: 19
Stream Genre: Misc
Stream URL: WNBH
Current Song: S

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